After Two Years of 6-Figure Business Growth,

You Are Now Finally Able to Find Out...


How A 43 Year-Old Single Father with Three Kids Discovered His "Blueprint Formula" That Allowed Him To Finally Quit His Full-Time Job And Build A $1000 Per Day Online Business In Only A Few Months....


You're about to discover the easiest way to get started making money on the Internet, just by selling other people's stuff!

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Affiliate Marketing Blueprint eCourse + Bonuses!

 Our Affiliate Marketing Blueprint eCourse was created for Beginners & Skeptics, having little Free Time & NO Money to waste! 

 Why Did We Do It?

Because most people work a full-time job, have a family and other obligations, that can make it difficult to find the extra time needed after work, school and other activities, to learn something NEW!  

Our 20-Lesson eCourse consisting of two-lessons (2) per week, provides the Flexibility to Learn at one's Own Pace & the ability to Live Anywhere in the world with Internet access.

 What Will This Affiliate Marketing Blueprint eCourse Do for YOU?

 You can Keep your Full-time Job!      You Won't drain your Wallet        Able to spend More Time with Family     You will Learn HOW to START your Own Online business     You will Learn HOW to make Money Online      

Plus, in your Spare Time, You have the Added Benefit, of getting the CHANCE to.... 


Dear Future Affiliate Marketer,

If you have been looking for the easiest way to start an Internet business that allows you the freedom of working for yourself and without huge start-up costs, then look no further.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

From Wikipedia:

"Affiliate marketing is a method of promoting web businesses in which an affiliate is rewarded for every visitor, subscriber, customer, and/or sale provided through his/her efforts."

Simply put, you make money by sending traffic to other people's websites.

About four years ago I had the same dream. I was a normal guy, working full-time , with 2-weeks paid vacation a year and NO free time of my own.

Sadly, I had become an ABSENTEE father to my three kids, which was directly related to my crazy JOB, with it's hectic work hours & travel schedules!

All of this was wearing me and my family down FAST..  It wasn't rocket science, but the more I worked the more evident it became, that the one getting rich was NOT me! 

I decided SOMETHING had to change or my family unit would be destroyed!

With some soul searching, that's when I decided to venture out and start my own Internet business.

Why an Internet business? Simply because I thought it would be the easiest way to start a business without investing a whole lot of money.

And hey, I was right!

Within my first six months I was able to make a couple thousand dollars. Now I can make up to thousands of dollars per day,  not every day of course, because it fluctuates and that's the reality of ANY business!  

However, this all means NOTHING if you don't know HOW to do it. .... Right?

I have always been a generous person and I like to help people. If I can help someone and by doing so, "makes them happy, then it makes me TWICE as happy!" That's probably why I have worked as a Healthcare Professional and an Educator, the helping others part.

Long ago I decided that I wanted to give something back to others when I was in a position to do so AND that time has come for you TODAY!   

That's why we...... 

Created our Easy-To-Follow, 20-Lesson eCourse Teaching You the Fundamentals to Lay Down the Foundations Necessary to Succeed Online & Start to Make Your First Dollar Online!

Here's What You'll Learn in our Affiliate Marketing Blueprint eCourse

=> How you can easily get started with my simple step-by-step Affiliate Marketing Blueprint that will help you to build and launch an Affiliate Marketing business in less than two months!

=> How you can drive a TON of traffic to your website WITHOUT spending a lot of money on advertising.

=> How you can convert more visitors into life-long customers, more customers into affiliates, and more affiliates into life-long partners.

=> How you can grow a thriving Internet business that will continue to expand and gain more revenue year after year!

=> And much more...


Right about now you're probably thinking? This all seems awesome, but how much will everything cost me?

In order to "put a price" on anything, one needs to ask some additional questions  in order to establish "worth and value." So, let me ask you a couple of questions? 

> So, what would an easy to understand, step-by-step eCourse like this, be worth to you?

> What would 10-weeks of your spare time NOW, for the chance to change your life FOREVER, be worth to you?

> Obviously, this eCourse can be a LIFE CHANGING starting point for you, why wouldn't you try something new?


It seems like an no-brainer to me, but I guess I'm a little biased. I know what I would do, EVEN without knowing the price yet! But if you're NOT serious about changing your life and financial situation, then DON'T signup & DON'T waste your time or my time. I ONLY want to help those people that want to Help Themselves.

Well, you need to decide. I can't do that for you!

If you're serious READ ON....

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Four Steps To Start Your Business- The Affiliate Marketing Blueprint + Bonuses  

How is this eCourse DIFFERENT than the others?

 Keep Reading...  Then, make your OWN DECISION about the eCourse.....  

A little bit about me... my back story....


I became interested in online business several years

ago and I was probably just like many of you right now.

I knew “nothing about anything!"


I thought that the time for making money online

was OVER, after the boom ran its course.

I was very skeptical and believed what I was hearing,

that "ONLY the select lucky few" caught that train!

"Being in the right place, at the right time!"

The rest of us were screwed!

Doomed to a live a life of the

 "same old, same old"


By my own definition, I am an entrepreneur, renaissance man,

adventurer and jack-of-all-trades. I drove formula Renault

racing cars in Europe. I was an actor on TV and a member

of the Screen Actors Guild. I owned and operated

my own retail pharmacy, a licensed wholesale

car dealer and established several

 healthcare companies over the years


I was retained as a guest expert for a pharmaceutical project

 in China. I spent 18 months as a healthcare finance

consultant in Dubai and Qatar

in the Middle East


Again, I'm NOT trying to boast. I'm just showing you all that

"I go GET what I WANT and know HOW to WORK to get it!" 


I have also dutifully studied and learned the

 "in's and out's" of the Affiliate Marketing business over the years.

Remember, I already

 told you Affiliate Marketing is a business, NOT a get rich scheme. 

I spent copious amounts of time, dedication and scrutiny

in researching, reviewing and testing the various online

money making opportunities, programs

 and tools over the years


Now, my focus is to use my experiences & knowledge

 to help YOU, "the beginner, the skeptic, the full-time worker,

 those with little money to waste OR not much time to learn

something new, because they already have a job,

a family and a LIFE!"


Sound Like You? 


Well folks, I am here to alleviate all your worries

and provide you with the Knowledge, Tools and Direction 

necessary helping YOU realize Your dreams of starting

your OWN Online Business!


I have worked diligently to develop an easier pathway

for YOU to follow, so that you will have a REAL chance

for Success and be able to enjoy the

"fruits of your labor."


Because this is NOT an overnight, instant, "get rich quick" situation

you will be best served by following a

Blueprint and have a Teacher/ Mentor.


Reality check people, it takes effort to become successful,

just as with everything else in life worth pursuing


However, stick around. I will show you

the most Direct way, the Proven "been there, done that"

shortcuts. I didn't want to use "that word shortcuts,"

but it's the only one that fits.


Why? Because, there are

NO shortcuts 

to achieve success

in your online business.


It will take

hard Work, Dedication, Desire, acquired

or innate Knowledge, steadfast "No Quit" Attitude,

Belief in Yourself, some Luck




Ok, So what makes this eCourse Any Different than the others?


The ANSWER is simple. I innately possess or have LEARNED the needed ATTRIBUTES listed above and have APPLIED these ABILITIES to create, develop and grow ALL my online and offline businesses, which has translated into my SUCCESSES!  

Add in, my combined educator and healthcare professional skills, which afford me the ADDED benefits of hands-on, structured classroom Teaching, AND also the knowledge of an experienced provider of CARE & SUPPORT in the patient healthcare setting. Combine these with a natural, God-given ability to express genuine EMPATHY & COMPASSION...  Put these all together, and then...

 Mix all of MY Skills & Attributes together in a big pot and stir.... My questions to you are.....

> Why is this Important?   

> What do you Get? 


Below is the answer to the "Why"... Plus, the answer to "What" you're getting!

 A Knowledgeable MENTOR that knows HOW to impart Knowledge, with the MOST Proficient Method, to ACHIEVE Maximum RESULTS!


 So, what's your decision gonna be? You IN or You OUT?


Here's a Reminder of  What's Inside This 10-Week eCourse:

=> How you can easily get started with my simple step-by-step Affiliate Marketing Blueprint that will help you to build              and launch an Affiliate Marketing business in less than two months!

=> How you can drive a TON of traffic to your website WITHOUT spending a lot of money on advertising.

=> How you can convert more visitors into life-long customers, more customers into affiliates, and more affiliates into life-long partners.

=> How you can grow a thriving Internet business that will continue to expand and gain more revenue year after year!

=> Automatically enrolled in the monthly Premium Membership program for ongoing TRAINING and EVENTS

=> And too much more to list here!


Just about every successful affiliate marketer will tell you that the fastest way to online success is to find a mentor - someone who has already gone through what you are about to do and has finally found success.

This is EXACTLY what we are offering here with our Affiliate Marketing Blueprint Premium Membership. You will receive everything listed above, plus EXTRA BONUSES included with EACH LESSON to help you with that lesson AND also expand your KNOWLEDGE BASE in OTHER important areas of your emerging online business. (FYI- Lesson #19 has 10 Bonuses alone!)


Claim Your Premium Membership NOW! 

 Our Awesome, Info-Packed Affiliate Marketing Blueprint eCourse+ will be Included ... 


Including ALL the BONUSES

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Your Total Cost Today is ONLY 

Four Steps To Start Your Business- The Affiliate Marketing Blueprint + Bonuses  

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 What's Included Your Membership Benefits:

Component #1

=> Step-by-Step Strategy Videos showing how I personally use them to grow my business and increase profits to Include:

=> The Niche Market Analyzer Test - Instantly discover if a niche has promise or not. How to ride your winners and drop your losers.

=> The Ultimate Squeeze Page - Discover & Learn all the tips and tricks that will allow you to quickly create powerful, high-converting squeeze pages that will help increase your conversions 

=> The Incredible Autoresponder - Gain a huge advantage over your competitors by learning how to build a powerful autoresponder sequence that will build your list faster and simplify your list maintenance. And more...

New videos are available every month to help improve your strategies and build your business faster than you could imagine... By simply having these videos to watch along with the eCourse you will find that you can build your business faster than those that don't have the same advantages.


Component #2

=> Step-by-Step "How-To" Videos showing you how-to implement specific steps to augment the written training lessons 

These valuable "How-To" videos that will show even the newest marketer how to go about setting up many aspects of his or her business. Some of these videos include (but are not limited to):

=> How-To Set Up An Autoresponder - Step-by-Step on how to set up your first autoresponder series that will start you on the right track to building a profitable business.

=> How-To Set Up Your First Google Adwords Campaign - Simple instructions to help you successfully create your first Google Adwords campaign.

=> How-To Find Profitable Products - Easy steps to help you find the Right Products, that can maximize your potential commissions and help you earn more money.

New videos are available every month to help solve your problems and build your business faster than you could imagine...


Component #3

=> Monthly BonusesExtra educational/training materials each month you are an active member! 

Each month new video content will be delivered right to your inbox. I will be covering topics such as:

=> Advanced Traffic Techniques

=> Video Marketing 

=> Product Creation

=> Advanced List Building Strategies, Myths, Lies

=> Advanced Email Marketing Techniques

And more...


Additional Components

=> Automatically Registered with our Affiliate Program & email lists so you won't miss out!

=> Early-Bird Notifications for upcoming Product Releases, Case Studies, Webinars, Education or Training Programs

=> Special Discounts for purchase of our products and other goodies that NOBODY else gets!

=> Surprise Special Bonuses & More

* (See Disclaimers below for types of deliverable training materials and other caveats)

Don't Go!  Wait a minute..... It Gets EVEN BETTER!



> The Five Hottest Niches for 2016

> Mega Affiliate Traffic Guide for 2016

> Facebook Marketing Secrets 2016


If you DON'T sign up today, what EXCUSE will you use 10-weeks from now, when those that Signed Up are making money online? What excuse are you gonna use then? Will you be making money online or STILL doing the "same-old-same old?" 


So, Where WILL You Be When It Happens?

(Watch the video again if you don't know what this means)

  Don't be left behind....   Become a Member and START learning TODAY!

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To Your Success!

Gregory Roger


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Premium Membership Deliverables will consist of any of the following media types: Written articles, reports, PDF documents, Infographics, eBooks, Updated Lessons, Unique topical content, Videos, Webinars, Special promotions, Time-sensitive announcements, plus any other items deemed to have relevance & provide value to members. Materials may arrive on any date, to allow for special time sensitive material to arrive. We strive for delivery at the beginning of each month, but be advised email delivery may be delayed at times.